The Program Analysis Wiki at is a public website where the community collaboratively collects and organizes information on program analysis systems, tools, applications, algorithms, and research.

The website is inspired by the Program Transformation Wiki, which has been successful at documenting the area of program transformation. Surprisingly, there was no such place for the huge research area of program analysis, until now. Please join us, add information about algorithms, analyses, (your!) tools, important publications, and share your knowledge on this exciting topic with the rest of the community.

Why not use Wikipedia? At some point, the information collected on this wiki might be suitable for Wikipedia, but the problem with Wikipedia is that articles need to be somewhat decent immediately. At this wiki, we welcome topics with just a few messy random notes. At some point, such a page will hopefully become a solid topic, but for now a few notes are more useful than nothing!


We are currently preparing for a first launch, with a wiki installation and an attractive look. Please check back later!